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De customer nowadays have plenty of choice. The composition of the assortment on the shelf is becom increasingly important. With contemporary collections, built from trends, you can surprise and inspire the customer. The market expects more and more from our growers. Be inspired by the 'What-Women-Want collection' and all the possibilities with assortment, atmosphere and packaging solution. 

What-Women-Want is active since 2014. Our name, with a wink to the largest target group, has ever since became a household name. Under this name,  our staff developed various collections with products from our growers, combined with trendy items.

The collaboration with Trendlogic® gives us the right insights to ensure that our growers' articles are in line with the spirit of times and thereby also respond to the different style groups. With the deployment of this unique method, we relieve our growers' customers through a better matched supply to market demand. Ultimately, our common goal is to sell the assembled items on the sales floor. With the sourching of the different materials, we are assisted by a network of creative suppliers who can deliver innovations concerning pots, glassware, baskets, displays and various packaging.

Contact us to visit our showroom, follow us on social media or subscribe to op our newsletter.

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